Our Faculty - 21st Century Educators

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” : Albert Einstein

School is the foundation of a child’s future and teachers are the architects of this foundation.

Our VVIS faculty members are enthusiastic professionals and ideals who inspire our students and nurture them to achieve excellence.

Here subject teachers do not confine themselves to classroom teaching but also believe in participating in the all-round development of the children.

They will be guides, mentors and counsellors of our students.

Our Esteemed Faculty

They are not only teachers, they are guides and mentors

Blend of New and Veterans

Mix of energy and experience, best practices and new ideas go hand in hand.

Qualified Faculty

Students are taught by the qualified teachers, they are more likely to have succeed.


Increasing students active participation, making learning more fun, Facilitating personalized learning

Creative & Innovative

Boosting students performance, retention of knowledge, developing problem-solving skills

Well-trained Faculty

Improved educational skills, better ways of teaching, engaging & motivating the students in learning


Adaptive, tech-savvy & forward thinking teachers

Dedicated Faculty

Subject matter experts, passion for the teaching & learning, commitment to students’ success

Soft Skills

Leastening skills, good communicators, collaborative, positive, patient & kind.

Guide, Mentoring & Caring

Sensitivite to students, guides, mentors and counsellors of our students.

Teachers Training

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Teachers Training details 2020-21

For better Curriculum Planning and Dissemination, our teachers go through learning outcomes as prescribed by NCERT as well as other state boards to have inclusive broad learning for students keeping in mind all domains of learning. We encourage and mandate teachers to build their capacity by enhancing their qualifications and also self-learning through MOOCs like DIKSHA, SWAYAM, etc and give in-house training. This helps teachers to improve their pedagogy and learning and thereby enhance the teaching-learning of students.

Many of our teachers enrolled for courses on SWAYAM for self-learning like Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) by pre-primary teachers, Elementary education by primary teachers, and course on outcome-based pedagogical principles by all.

In collaboration with NIIT nGuru, our teachers were trained based on their subject areas in Computer Science Lab, English Language Lab, Instruction Plan Development, and Delivery, and also some aspects of ERP.

Educationist Shri Sunil Lodha conducted training for teachers emphasizing on Holistic Development of students, teacher–student interaction and extracurricular activities.

All teachers were trained in-house in MS Office Word, Excel, and Powerpoint by the Principal and Computer Science faculty with hands-on training.

The principal conducted a workshop on Teaching Pedagogy and Comprehensive Continuous Evaluation and Assessment. The principal discussed Bloom’s Taxonomy, Multiple Intelligence theory, and their usage in the teaching-learning process and accordingly instructional plan development template was created to include and be based on outcome-based pedagogical learning. Assessment process relating formative and subjective type was discussed and usage of Bloom’s Taxonomy based assessment to attain learning outcomes was highlighted and accordingly worksheet and examination paper creation systems were devised.

In the academic year 2020-2021, many of our teachers enrolled for courses on DIKSHA for self-learning and all teachers were mandated and thus completed two courses namely Developing Social Personal Qualities and Creating Safe and Healthy School Environment and Experiential Learning. Apart from these two courses, teachers also completed other courses based on their interest and subjects relevant to them like pedagogy of mathematics, science, language, etc. Some teachers have also enrolled in SWAYAM courses. Due to COVID-19 related constraints, only online-based training is imparted. In the month of May-June 2020, teachers were trained digitally on proper creation and delivery of content for the students through videos, audios, and online teaching and assessment creation.

The Principal also conducted a week long workshop for teachers wherein he imparted a training on the topic Good Teacher Attributes and Characteristics.  

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