Excellent Sports

Sports teaches you character, it teaches you to play by the rules, it teaches you to know what it feels like to win and lose, it teaches you about life.

Sports teaches a student to understand the meaning of a team. The student needs to be able to work with everybody; she or he doesn’t have to be their best friend. They can experience the fun of competition and driving toward a common goal without pushing to bond in some major way with each individual on a project.

While embracing the advantages of technology for academics, we at VVIS are well aware of its negative impact on students’ physical activity behaviour.
At VVIS we firmly believe that it is the appropriate balance of Academics and Athletics that compliments the holistic development of a child; our focus on sports facilitates children’s holistic development. This is the reason we provide excellent facilities for various outdoor and indoor sports:

VVIS Basketball Ground

One rectangular court, two teams, five players each, shooting a basketball through the defender's hoop

VVIS Volleyball Ground

Two teams, six players each, separated by a net, grounding the ball on the other team's court

VVIS Kabaddi Ground

Two teams, seven players; run into the opposing team's half of a court, tag out defenders and return

VVIS Football Ground

Two teams, usually between 11 & 18 players, scoring goals by moving the ball to opposing team's goal area

We prepare students to pursue sports in a more structured and purposeful manner: 



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