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Arts & Crafts

An intellectual says a simple thing in a hard way, an artist says a hard thing in a simple way.

For developing aesthetic and creative skills we at Vagdevi Vidyapeeth International School have one Art & Craft Studio that provides students a platform to express their ideas, imaginations and abilities.

Our Art & Craft Studio gives students an opportunity to think outside the box with the freedom to explore thereby channelizing their creativity.

The school provides scheduled activity periods on Art & Crafts that encourages individual to explore & develop their creative potential.

It helps our students to unleash the inner budding artist in them and better understand Art as a subject and not a mere hobby.

A well-trained staff member works throughout the year to nurture the talent of our students.

Some of the key art & craft – activities and projects that our students explore are shown as follows:




3D Art



Clay, Playdough

Collage Art

Nature Art



Textiles Craft


Cardboard craft


Our Arts & Crafts Studio facilitates activation of kids on Art & Craft right from the kindergarten through multiple activities starting from the colouring with crayons, markers & paints, designing posters & greeting cards with mix media, Collage, cardboard recycling, paper crafts, coloured charts, clay work and other fine art projects.

Students also learn about the importance of recycling and productivity (thing from nothing).

Crafts are a great way to coordinate between mind, hand & eyes and thus improve the kinetic energy and intellectual among kids.

Pictures of 
VVIS Art & Craft Studio
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