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Technology Integrated Effectively in Education Sphere

Today's students are technologically advanced. They like gadgets. The Traditional education system doesn't serve the needs of the current generation. It can't prepare them for the new age.

Traditional instructional methods leave students less engaged and less inclined towards learning. Student’s love of technology tends to distract them from their schoolwork.

Technology needs to come into the classroom to keep students’ interest & attention properly and to explore & teach them new concepts easily.

Various educational technologies support both learning & teaching processes and both students & educators get benefited from them.

Several studies have found that technology helps students to improve not only their interest in learning & subject matter knowledge but also their grades.

At VVIS we encourage the use of information and communications technology (ICT) from an early age and have integrated ICT effectively in our education system at various levels right from the kindergarten itself.  
We firmly believe that it is not the technology itself that is important, it is also, how it is used. At VVIS we’ve adopted the E2E model of using technology in school.

E2E Model of ICT at VVIS


Continue swapping traditional things with ICT


Confident & competent educators to leverage technology

Enrich & Enhance

A rich blend of media & resources


Take the learning to the next level


We continue to swap traditional ways of doing things with ICT.


It is not only the technology that makes a difference, it is the educators. At VVIS we give the confidence, competence & control to tech-savvy educators to exploit technology in the way they teach to make the most out of ICT. It is very much about the new way of thinking & teaching.

Enrich & Enhance

We engage students with a richer mix of media having lots of resources, information & knowledge. We encourage educators & students to deeper learning and a new way of it through the use of ICT.


We encourage students as active learners to take their learning further. Students are given control over their own learning, students can also explore curriculum content at home under parental guidance.

VVIS is committed to ‘Smart technology throughout’ – implementing new and engaging ways using cutting-edge technology & tech-savvy best practices (smart ways of learning) to make it a technology-rich school (smart school)- you name any area and you find that the use of technology is there.

It is the use of ICT that helps us enable real-time, flexible, interactive, collaborative & personalized learning.

Technology is just a tool. Getting kids to work together and to motivate them, the educator is the most important.

VVIS  is committed to devise, catalyse, support and sustain ICT technology, activities and processes in order to improve access, quality and efficiency in the end-to-end school system.
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