At Vagdevi Vidyapeeth Insternational School, supreme importance is given to Health & Hygiene.
The well-being of students is of great importance to us.
The school organizes general health checkups at regular intervals to safeguard the health of all the students and the parents are informed immediately in case remedial help is required.
At VVIS we aim to guide students and parents towards fitness, right nutrition and good health.
Through our Health & Fitness Assessment, we help identify a child’s personal health-related fitness levels and provide individual feedback, a report is also sent to the parent & further counselling is provided.


“We always tell our students to pay attention, but do we actually teach them how?”
Yes, at VVIS Yoga and Meditation practices are used across all grade levels starting from Kindergarten, these practices not only enable students to build the muscles of focus but also help them release stress and anxiety and enhance resiliency.
Research suggests that school-based yoga cultivates competencies in mind-body awareness, self-regulation and physical fitness among students and that’s why Yoga and Meditation serve as such a valuable component of our school curriculum.
By embracing these practices students feel calm, happy and ready to learn.
Students mindfulness in the classroom also helps teachers and the overall classroom climate is improved greatly.
We encourage & enable students to make it a life-long practice.

Swaccha School

Sanitation and hygiene in our school create an enabling environment that secures children’s dignity, safety, health and attendance in classes.
At VVIS we ensure a high standard of cleanliness & hygiene and a non-compromising attitude towards cleanliness.
The school is committed to a clean, safe & healthy environment and encourages the development of healthy behaviours for life for our students & staff.
This is all ensured by implementing the following measures:
  • Access to safe water for all
  • Handwashing facilities
  • Separate clean toilets for girls, boys, staff & visitors
  • Close supervision and monitoring of areas prone to be unhygienic
  • Correct use and maintenance of facilities
  • Life skills-based health & hygiene education and creating awareness among students
  • Staff training at all levels
  • Establish Health Club- representation from students, staff & parents and Promote Positive hygiene behaviours


Kids will be kids! Minor injuries during sports and games or while performing the experiments and even common fever are unavoidable parts of growing.
To meet these emergencies a well-furnished school infirmary is maintained hygienically where First Aid Centre is administered and a nurse is on-call all through the school hours.
Any larger medical emergencies are immediately referred to the nearby Hospital which is just 5 min. away. From VVIS it takes around 10 min. to reach out to the city’s major hospitals.
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