In order to provide an enriching environment for excellent education, we at Vagdevi Vidyapeeth International School, have adopted the ‘Pro-VITAL’ model of methodologies that integrates a variety of engaging and proven modern best practices of learning.

PRO-VITAL Methodoloy Model

Problem-based Learning

| Brainstorming | Guided learning |

Project-based Learning

| Hands-On, Experimentation | Collaborative & Co-operative Learning | Authentic Learning | Real-Time, Real-World | Flexible |

Value-based Learning

| Positive Ethos, Indian Heritage, Culture Awareness | Spiritual Intelligence | Self-esteem, Self-leadership | Life-long Learning |

Inquiry-based Learning

| Student Centred | Self-learning | Deep Reading |

Technology-based Learning

| Student-friendly | Blended Learning | Interactive | Technology Quotient, ICT Literacy (Digital Literacy) |

Activity-based Learning

| Theme-based | Multi-Disciplinary | Role-play, Pretend Play | Flipped Classroom | Discovery Learning |

Level of Competency

| Competency-based Learning | Mastery of Curriculum |

Problem-based learning is about Brainstorming & Guided learning.

Project-based Learning is comprising of Hands-On, Experimentation, Collaborative & Co-operative learning, Authentic learning, Real-Time, Real-World and Flexiblity.

Value-based learning includes Positive ethos, Indian heritage, Culture awareness, Emotional, moral and spiritual intelligence, Self-esteem, Self-leadership & Life-long learning.

Inquiry-based Learning is Student Centred, it is  Self-learning, Deep Reading.

Technology-based learning: Student-friendly, Blended learning, Interactive, Technology quotient, ICT Literacy (Digital Literacy)

Activity-based learning incorporates Theme based, Multi Disciplinary, Role-play, Pretend Play, Flipped classroom, Discovery learning.

Level of Competency: Competency-based learning, Mastery of Curriculum.


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